Card pockets work! Cosybike UK

“… Hello lovely Filomena,  Looks like the card pockets work!  I don’t have exact figures but it’s certainly not the local kids stealing cards.  They even seem to survive most Scottish rain. I have fitted them to both the Cosywagon and the Cosybike.  I reckon Cosybike is the craziest card pocket mount so far. Do I win a Prize? Swing by Glasgow and I’ll get you a ride.

It’s only taken a year to get you a photo!  Apologies for the wait.  I bet you were at your wits end for actual seconds. Here is the Cosybike outside the Queen’s Hoose at Holyrood Palace with Vehicle Card Pocket attached.  One day Cosybike will be able to carry a  “By Appointment to HM The Queen” crest! The Card Pocket is also handy for storing your car park ticket in as Cosybike hasn’t got a windscreen!”

Thanks again, Iain Urquhart,  

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Card Pockets Work!
card pockets work! loading the cozybike into the cozyvan
Card Pockets work! The assets, cozybike beside van

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