Best advertising purchase!

Lil Raskals Entertainment Services

“… Hi Phil, I saw the product while traveling in San Francisco.  When I returned to Georgia I searched on the product.  The vehicle I saw was an eye-catcher and everyone slowed and stopped and a few grabbed cards.  When I get the product mounted I’ll send you a picture!”

Danni Gill, Lil Raskals Entertainment


Another testimonial from Lil Raskals….

“First let me say that the Vehicle Pocket has been the best advertising purchase that I’ve made. I often park my van outside bridal boutiques and party decoration stores and leave it for the day. Between the decals on the vehicle and the Vehicle Pocket, the van does all the work without me having to be there.

I am writing to ask how I can get two of the ‘Take One’ decals. The originals have faded so I’d like to get new ones and get my auto-advert back ‘ON’. Again, this is an awesome product that more than earns it’s worth on a daily basis”.

Danni J. Gill, Twitter: LilRaskalsEnt, Lil Raskals Entertainment Online

best advertising purchase

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