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Thanks for writing, because I AM genuinely pleased with my Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder. They are a unique and head-turning accessory, and IMHO are an essential component for ANY trade vehicle! They do NOT get in the way, are weatherproof, and stay on and closed at highway speeds! The only time I unmount them is when going through a car wash.

As you can see from the attached photos, people love my company’s decorated cars. Upon seeing the car AND the Vehicle Card Pockets, one person declared ‘Now THAT’s marketing!’ I’ve conversed with other drivers at traffic lights, culminating in them getting OUT of their car and getting a card from my VehicleCardPockets. I have additional Nerds in Chicagoland, and am purchasing a set of Vehicle Card Pockets for each Nerdmobile.   I AM genuinely pleased!

Chris Novak, President NERDS ON SITE / NERDS TO GO – Illinois Cell: 630-461-8501

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Another marketing strategies testimonial from Chris Novak….

“Phil, you have a testimonial of mine published on your website. I’m just as pleased if not more so by the performance of my Vehicle Card Pockets, and am constantly referring others with trade vehicles to you (just referred another realtor today). We were a big hit in our recent 4th of July parades with additional decorations making the “windup” vehicles look like the Disney movie “Cars”. I even had a couple of people dart out onto the parade route to grab a business card from my vehicle card pockets – I may have to dismount them for parade safety, but I completely forgot my “silent salesforce” was there!

Also, I’ve added another eye-catching accessory to my Nerdmobile which I thought you’d enjoy. As if a bright red Volkswagen Beetle emblazoned “NERDS ON SITE” wasn’t enough, a powered windup key has even more people’s heads turning, and pointing at my “windup Nerdmobile” ( For the parade I had a ‘temporary’ powered key mounted, but this new one is a permanent mount – works at highway speeds, just like my vehicle card pockets!

Chris Novak, POD Leader NERDS ON SITE – Chicagoland,,  630-240-4280

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