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A unique business card holder? Really?

We all want to stand out, make our mark in the world.  What makes us unique?  Merriam-Webster defines unique as 

                        : something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else 

                        : very special or unusual 

                        : belonging to or connected with only one particular thing, place, or person 

Is it possible to find a unique business card holder that represents your business as the only one of its kind?  Sure, if you build it yourself.  Or have one fashioned for you with the promise that it won’t be reproduced for anyone else.  We live in creative times, where new technologies allow very specific fabrications.  At a cost, of course.  Likely beyond that of a small business start-up.

Surely, the best way to make a business card holder unique is to make it disappear and let the business card take center stage. With a business card, you can let your imagination soar.  Colors, words, and images in combinations so enticing, so persuasive – suddenly the canvas becomes limitless!

Louis_Ghost_Armchair_Crystal, Philippe Stark 2002

The closest thing to making your business card holder disappear is a single-mold injection acrylic business card holder. Unassuming, hard wearing, clean, smooth to the touch. A visual and tactile pleasure, not unlike the famous Ghost Chair by designer Philippe Starck that touched off a storm of reproductions. The Ghost armchair is “a daring example of a single-mold injection product for indoor or outdoor use”, according to the Museum of Modern Art, where it is displayed.



Quality, affordable, unique business card holder


But, back to unique business card holders. Desks and reception areas abound with the ubiquitous card holder, especially acrylic ones, so really… not so unique. However, a ‘unique’ place to find a business card holder is outside. Several outdoor business card holders exist, but few are of the single-mold injection type.

VehicleCardPockets.com’s unique business card holder is one such high-quality single-mold injection product. It cost the inventor a ton of money to develop and like the Louis chair also touched off a storm of reproductions. But his insistence on quality and durability set this unique acrylic business card holder apart. Compared to its competitors, you can feel the substantialness when you hold it in your hands. It has to be substantial to hold 100 cards, more than any other vehicle card holder on the market. The sturdy lid secures your cards from wind, rain, and snow. Your customer won’t have to put down packages or let go of a child’s hand to comfortably open it, unlike spring-loaded ones that require one hand to lift the lid and the other to remove a card.

The single mold injection design in crystal clear acrylic looks elegant. And when you’re adding a business card holder to your vehicle, sign, or business door, nothing less than elegant will do. No colored lids or sides to obscure your cards. No seams or joints to detract from your business message.

An affordable, high quality, unique business card holder is an exceptional find. Unobtrusive and functional. Beautiful in its simplicity. Consider VehicleCardPockets.com’s vehicle card holders. They are a worthy complement to your exquisite new business cards and vehicle advertising package.

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